Hey guys, I am from an alternative reggae hip-hop band from Alberta, Canada. We have been around for about four years now and we have just finished a website that I put together. We have used third party pages like Facebook, myspace, twitter, purevoume, etc. but I have found that since we have a pro looking website promoters and agents take us WAY more seriously. Not too mention you have way more control over the content and you can design it any way you would like. Anybody else have a band website? Anybody else see the importance? Maybe you wanna share you band's site and let me check it out and review. Let me know what you think of our layout and design and I'll let you guys know what I think of yours. Peace! http://www.halfchanceheroes.com/#!home/mainPage
With an irresistible blend of reggae induced hip-hop and catchy pop-punk hooks, Half Chance Heroes captivates audiences with their unique sound and energetic stage show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8bSU0u8uvM
if you ask me, it shouldn't matter, i've seen shitty bands with "pro" websites
and if i've seen them you know promoters have too
further more i've noticed successful regional acts that list their official website as their facebook
i have heard that websites are super important, i've yet to actually see that being a rule

i would recommend the emphasis to be to have a real clean and impressive epk over any overpriced .com situations, but if hosting is well in budget why not have that website anyway, it won't reflect negatively in your epk, unless your websites makes you look bad

I totally read like the first half of your post and went on a rant, i got to go to bed
Your websites pretty dope too.
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I would make the title pic a bit smaller so you can see the nav bar once you land on the main page. I shouldn't have to scroll down to find the nav bar.

Other than that it looks really good, nice and clean.
Having a band website is great.
You can promote your music to first time listeners.
You can also sell merchandise.
And have news about upcoming events.

Having a myspace of a facebook is fine, however not everyone has a facebook. And being able to see a website just by typing in the url and not having to sign on is a great plus. I hope your band does well.

I love traditional big band websites
Personally, I get more hits on my website on a week than my facebook, infact within 2 days of launching our EP we had double the views on our website from unique viewers as we have fans on facebook, in that sense, our facebook is supplimentary to our website.

If I want to hear a band, I will go to their site, not facebook. Its the fastest way to hear samples of their music and see what they are about, on facebook and other social networking sites, theres a uniform colour and layout etc for the most part, they allow some customisation such as the cover or the background, but if you want to hear what their last single sounded like, you dont want to pour through a load of updates. Bandcamp is fine to showcase music, but if your news posts are seperate from the music etc, its gets to be hassle, we just use feeds from various social media on our website for small news and all big news gets its own post.

www.gatexiii.co.uk that is our website, and our facebook is www.facebook.com/GateXIIIBand and right away when you visit you see more about the band than on facebook as well as having a much easier to find url.