I've recently come across the need for a bass rig for an R&B, Jazz type of gig. I'd be going with either guitar or bass, depending on the gig and while my guitar rig features a halfstack and a host of nice effects and a couple neat guitars, my bass rig is an old epiphone sg bass and a 15 watt fender amp. That said, I'm gonna need an upgrade!
I've heard good things about the line 6 lowdown, but I'd prefer a more traditional amp setup, for now I'm thinking a combo amp, between 150-300 watts, budget of I'd say, 500-600 us with an effects loop. I really enjoy fender stuff (all of it guitars, amps, basses) but I'm open to anything in the price range. As for a bass, I think I can work with this one for now, but I already know what I want (Fender Jazz all the way!!) but again, and suggestions only help me in making an informed decision!
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Hi from Ft. Worth.

Genz Benz NeoX 400 Combo.

Has it all.

Only used ones exist.

I am looking to get another one
Take a look at some of the Micro Amps from GK, Carvin, Genz Benz and the like. A lot of them have remarkable power and great tone, and they'll fit in your gig bag. A 1x15 or a 2x10 cabinet would, along with the micro head, make for a fine rig.

If you are dead set on a combo, I'd look at the Acoustic B200 or it's 2x10 brother at 400 watts. Both are fine amps at very reasonable prices. Despite some rather good reviews, the Line 6 bass amps just never caught on. There are some good tones in the bigger versions, but stay away from the lunchbox combos. They're good for tuning your bass, and that's about it.
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I don't know much about amps but I do know basses. I would go with a Fender jazz bass with some EMG pups. I have an Ibanez EXB-445 with EMG selects and it is one of the smoothest sounding basses I've ever played.
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I like GK stuff I've played through. I've never enjoyed the EMG sound in guitars or basses too much. I don't know as much about bass pickups though. I prefer to go stock with gear. It doesn't seem worth it to me to just not pick something that sounds good to me right of the wall. Do you know if the Acoustics have an effects loop?
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Respectfully, I am seeing a lot pf players here moving away from the tonal blah they are getting from Acoustic amps and the 200 watters are just not doing it for them.

So if I am wrong tonally, there should be a few deals on used ones out there.

Genz benz has effects loops. There are lots of options looking used
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is DI an option or would the group not have its own PA outside of gigs?
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Epiphone SGs are pretty damn cool and that woofer pickup is perfect for jazz and RnB. Get it some flatwound strings and a setup and that'll do perfectly.

I'd recommend a 15" speaker for the perfect thump so look at the Acoustic B200 (note: this won't be powerful enough for rock/metal gigs but 200 is fine for the softer stuff.)
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is DI an option or would the group not have its own PA outside of gigs?

It all depends upon the group.