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Yeah. Noted that. But as captaincranky said (and I agree) when playing it on the guitar it's much easier to play the meldoy over an open D than E on account of the tuning - unless you have a capo handy and I usually do but I have a sexy deep voice and D suits better.
He said that, did he? I dunno, I didn't read his posts. I just double stopped the melody in E.

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A teacher with an extraordinary ear showed me the song when I first came, transcribed the vocal harmonies and all.

Lol, it's really not that hard dude.
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yeah but you do have an incredibly ear mdc
modes are a social construct
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it actually does, but in the sense that the only "modes" are the major and minor keys

Yeah I just don't buy into the "keys are modes" reasoning.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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Lol, it's really not that hard dude.
Nor is it this easy, dude:

Oh, you'll need one of these "drop "D" capos" also :

I just didn't think this thread would be complete without a couple of sight gags. Well, that and you hurt my feelings saying you ignore my posts. I figure these are a twitch harder to ignore.

That guitar is stereo, so you could pump the humbucker through an octave pedal. Which could only enhance the open D major chord hijinks.

Sorry, for the misprint, this is the stereo model:
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Yeah I just don't buy into the "keys are modes" reasoning.

well i mean it's a completely different use of the word modes, there are literally 3 different definitions of modes in music and they're all completely different.

unless you want to find a better word for "modulation", we're kinda stuck with the major/minor modes, though
modes are a social construct
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