Hello! So Today I've got two great fuzz pedals. Fuzz Factory is a present from my grandmother and grandfather (thanks!), while the Big Muff is a present from my mother (thank you too!). I'm extremely happy, which is funny because a year ago I couldn't stand fuzz pedals!

These pedals are completely different animals.

First, the Big Muff. Very simple, easy to get a good sound straight out of the box. Very fat and very compressed, guitars really start to sound like electric violins with this pedal. And thanks to the insane compression, the sustain is really amazing and harmonics are very strong. Makes me want to play rock like Dinosaur Jr, Stone Temple Pilots etc. Looks like this is the pedal I will keep till I die.

Next, the Fuzz Factory. That's a wild pedal, its sound can easily become uncontrollable and super noisy if used with "wrong" settings. It is also dependable on many factors like source of energy, energy left in the battery (if you're using batteries, of course, and I think thats a better idea because batteries in this pedal last for years and produce less noise), and settings on your amp. While the Big Muff sounds best with amplifiers' pre-amp overdriven, the Fuzz Factory likes to be played through a clean amp. Many settings on this pedal sound crappy, but on the other hand, some sound absolutely brilliant. Sludge/Drone metal tunes sound awesome on the Fuzz Factory.
HNPD! Sound clips?
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Quote by AWACS
HNPD! Sound clips?

Not yet! But I hope I will record something soon. I still need some time to understand the knobs on the Fuzz Factory.