So I'm new to PA's.
I'm an axe-slinger, why the **** do I need to learn about PA's? I have a Marshall stack, I don't need to be mic'd up! etc
That's what I thought until I moved up in regards to band size and crowd size.

So here is my question:
I have access to a theater room converted into a bedroom, this theater room has surround sound speakers all leading to a banana connectors. Is there anyway I could connect these into a mixing board or are there connectors that can go from the mixing board (XLR maybe?) and then convert that into banana plug-fitting female ends?

I'd like to use get a simple mic to board to speaker set up for cheap so I could practice my talk-boxing and backup vocals so when I get back into a band with real gear I don't have to start learning that stuff

I'm completely new to this stuff, so sorry if banana plugs already fit most mixing boards or something simple like that
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Although it could be done, I don't really recommend it.

Surround sound speakers are usually capable of producing a narrow frequency range. In other words, they're not full-bandwidth speakers, like the ones on your home stereo or even in your car. Nor are they also capable of producing the frequency range needed for decent sound from your guitar or vocals. That's why most surround sound systems utilize subwoofers. The surround sound receivers/processors have the electronics (equalization) to send the proper frequencies to the right speakers.

If you were to hook it up to a PA console, I think you'd find the sound is less than ideal. If you're going to spend the money on the PA console, you might as well spend a bit extra and buy the correct speakers.