Hey People of UG

I Recently just bought myself a pretty decent 1968 Gibson Standard, and to be fair it sounds amazing. I have two pretty small amps no bigger than 30W because i live in a really built up area

So Im looking to buy some pretty funky and diverse pieces of gear like maybe a pedal or two, or a few new pick ups, things like that which i can play around with to make some awesome sounding music.

I play lots of different type of music, so from rock maybe to blues sometimes so the gear needs to be diverse in the way where it sounds good at metal and then i could play some blues after.

Im looking to spend as little as possible on these pieces really because im not much in the way of a pro player and I just want to keep it low costing as possible really. Can anyone suggest to me pieces of gear that they know or have that they could recommend to me?

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One thing that isn't mentioned much is an EQ pedal. You can really tweak your sound with one and they're great to use as a boost when you don't want to change the tone too much but still have it cut through.