Probably a Gibson, but you never know with Porl- he has a pretty good relationship with Ibanez, and has at least one (new) sig model with them.
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It's a Guild Starfire III, basically a copy of a Gibson ES-175, with a unique style of humbucker which I don't believe even Guild themselves make anymore. There's no accounts of him using it anywhere other than in that video.

Porl did have a heavily modified Gibson ES-175, which effectively replaced his Starfire. He had Gibson make it with a Bigsby and with a weird headstock which was a unique shape that was about halfway between a Fender headstock and a Gibson Firebird's headstock, with an oversized logo. The pickups were switched may times over the years between various kinds of P-90, minibucker and Firebird pickup. Porl sold it at some point in the 90s.
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Soundgardens Kim Thayil uses a Guild, so that's cool enough, and now Robert Smith?

Pretty awesome.
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