I just got a Behringer Ultra G 1000. is anyone using these for gigs as a Direct input to the mixer so they don't have to mic their amp? Amp > Ultra G > cabinet? Is so are you turning on the 4x12 cabinet simulation? I just got one yesterday at GC as its cheaper than a mic and stand.

Pros or Cons or tricks to setting it up right?
I own several Behringer products and do not recommend this, unless you have a disposable amp.

Behringer is not known for their reliability. I've had their products fail. If this part of your DI Box fails, you can blow your amp.

Even if the product holds up, there is potential for operator error (from you or the sound guy) that can blow your amp (according to the manual). Such as:

- If the ground loop switch is in the wrong position
- If the box touches other equipment

If you really want to go direct from amp to PA, there are amps that are built to do this (e.g., Marshall JVM series). Just leave them on standby or have a speaker hooked up to absorb the load.

Also, you can play through multi-effects pedals. Many (like most Digitechs, Line 6s, some Zooms, and the Fender Mustang Floor) have XLR outputs. You can use your DI Box for others that don't (like Boss). Usually I just leave my amp at home and plug my Digitech GNX4 directly into the PA, and only lug the halfstack around for large shows.

My Samson DI Box has the same feature as your Behringer, but I've never needed to use it like that. I have used it for recording, though, so I can record a dry track parallel to the wet tracks for re-amping later if I want. I do the re-amping through the GNX4 since I don't have a dedicated re-amp box. Most DI Boxes can't re-amp.

Mostly we use the Samson (stereo) DI Box to hook up Roland V-Drums to the PA.
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What's wrong with using an SM57 like everybody else? At least they're reliable.
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I just noticed where you mention that the DI Box is cheaper than a mic and stand.

If you're playing a gig big enough where you need your guitar to go thru the house PA, then chances are they have enough mics and stands to mic you up. If not, then most amps are loud enough, unless you only have a 15 watt or less practice amp--but then you probably wouldn't have a speaker output, so you wouldn't be asking the question.
Well thanks for the input, you talked me out of it. We do have plenty of mics. I thought it was an upgrade, but the downsides sound to bad to overcome.
A good DI box with good cabinet simulation, like an HK Redbox or the Radial JDX is more expensive than an SM57. If a mic stand is out of your budget, get a Sennheiser E609 and drape it over the speaker.

I use a radial JDX and have the sound man blend it with the mic on the cab.
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