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Started writing this song back in April after being inspired by Buckethead's Soothsayer xD

Let me know what you think of the song! and I prefer if you post a comment on the video page instead of here if you're logged on. Thank you! happy new year
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I'm not logged in at the moment, so I'm taking it here:

Well done!
I like how you got the keyboard into the song, and how you used both clean and distorted guitars. The note choices are very good and it was a really beautiful melody.
The clean guitar during the solo section at 0:50 could be lowered slightly in volume, or perhaps the lead guitar needs a boost.
I didn't like the sound of the effect at 4:15, and I think the song would do just fine without it.
The ending was cool with that tempo drop.
Some tone and mixing improvements and this will sound professional in no-time!
Keep making music, since I can hear you have good songwriting skills!
Maybe I'll leave a comment at your video tomorrow when I log on.

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Dear Kevin
Great keyboard intro and soaring guitar entry. This is classy stuff with great structure and purpose. It builds very well. The guitar tone was superb throughout with tasteful solo that made each note count.
I wondered about the voice chosen for the keyboard; I thought it was a little bit too retro-synth'y for me initially, but then I listened again and thought it was not only fine, but actually perfect for the finish.
So great stuff. I'm subscribing to your youtube channel.
I would be very grateful if you could review my rather different effort at
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Sounds really sweet! I loved your lead guitar melodies, and there are some sweet licks during 1:40. I like how you harmonised them! The solo was also really awesome! The bends that start at about 4:50 sounded great to me. I also liked how you go back to that downpicked melody with the phaser. It blends really well! The keyboard is a nice touch too

Only problem I have is that the production could use a tiny bit of work, but I'm sure that'll eventually come with time.

Great work dude!

Care to check out my EP? You don't have to listen to it all, but there might be something in there you like
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The song is great, I don't have a single thing to nitpick about it, clean, not a ingle wrong note or mistake to be heard. I can definitely hear Soothsayer in there, sounds quite similar at times without sounding like a ripoff. I think you could have let loose with the leads a little more (shred shred shred!), although you did a great job building tension throughout the song. The guitar tone has far too much gain though, toning it back and double tracking the guitars would make them sound huge. Maybe add some delay to the leads? Great song man!