Bought all of my pedals a few years ago (along with all of my other gear) and barely used them; no joke...these have been used maybe 5 times... I have the boxes, manuals, and everything else they came with for everything but the Loop station; I just cant seem to find the box. Prices include shipping, willing to negotiate a little. Located in Missouri.

Boss Chromatic Tuner TU-2 - $70.00

Boss Flanger BF-3 - $70.00

Boss Digital Delay DD-3 - $80.00

Boss Loop Station RC-2 - $140.00

Boss Super Over Drive SD-1 - $40.00

Vox Wah-wah V847 - $55.00

Thanks for looking!
do you ship to europe?? is shipping included for europe? If it is Im interested in the vox
^ It actually costs a lot to ship from the US to Europe. Like around 20 bucks for that wah. (I work at a Post Office, so I know )
So I think he'd add shipping. But who knows.

I'm actually interested in the Boss Flanger.

I'll PM you when I get out of work, 'cause for some reason my work computer has trouble sending PM's on this site.
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Shipping would probably be a bit more for Europe. Not sure if I want to deal with shipping overseas though :/
Still for sale I see?

I have a Vox 847 wah, Boss DD-3 and Boss BD-2... I'm a Boss fan. Friggin' tanks.

I've been growing more interested in a loop station the last few weeks.

Question about the chromatic tuner. Silly it may seem, but is it really that much better? I mean, the software I have for tuning does a fine enough job where my ears are pleased with it. So if you can convince me that a chromatic tuner is just smarter to have than whatever tuners I use now (like I said, software... phone and PC) then I might just buy it. Either way, I want to buy something.

I've also been contemplating a distortion pedal although I've always been happy with the gain on my amp. I'll have to try one out at a guitar shop and see.
Sorry, didnt see your post until now since I dont get email updates

Anyways, all I have left is the vox wah, dd3, bf-3, and sd-1.

I thought the tuner was pretty sweet. It worked much better than my handheld tuners. It really is just a convenience though; playing in front of people or in a band whatever. I have tried the phone tuners and they seem to work well enough, and if you just plug into your pc anyways, then there is no real need for a pedal tuner.