Hey UG,

First time poster here. Liking the look of this forum so far.

So until recently I've been playing through a Pod XT Live into a Marshall MG30DFX. The other day I upgraded to a Fender Blues Junior III Limited Edition and I have to say it's a thing of beauty. Full tube power, simple design, spectacular tone and feel and an upgraded speaker (made of hemp - Fender have done their market research well).

The first few days of having my new amp I've been plugging straight in to get a feel of the thing and learn how the tubes respond differently to my old solid state amp. Today I put my pod in the chain and it sounds HORRIBLE. Screechy, no bass end, hints of static and a loss of the dynamic response I was getting used to. I've been trying to get the tone to stay the same with or without the pod, but nothing seems to work. So far I've tried switching off any amp modelling, trying different output modes, fiddling with the output level and generally trying to set everything to bypass the signal in as unadulterated a form as possible.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

tl;dr version: How do I get a line6 pod XT Live to not change the tone of the amp it's plugged into? Thanks.
You probably have everything on your POD set to sound decent with the MG, and what sounds good with one amp can very easily sound horrible with another. Basically, you need to slow down and take the time to go back over all your settings, changing everything for the new amp. Running into a tube amp means you'll need to crank up any noise gates a little, take off a little treble, up the mids and bass.
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