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Fans of classic melodic metal like Iron Maiden or, say even, Nightwish should be at home with this. Particularly the nod to Maiden, this reminds me of stuff like Rime of the Ancient Mariner. I had fun making this, and using a Peavey Vypyr 15 at that! The little bastard is amazing for the money I tell you!

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Amazing song dude. Really nice riffs and melodies, reminds me of Iron Maiden very much! i'm adding this to my favorites, and subscribing too. I'd like to hear some more from you xD

btw, i think you should lower the volume of the drums lol
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Wow man, this is so cool! I really must know, where are the synth sounds coming from? I love them.
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Hey thanks guys! I get the synth sounds from on-board virtual instruments on Mixcraft 6 (its alot like Garageband but for Windows). I used a choir sound for the low riff (verse), and different string patches for the rest.

kenhv74 I'll give the drums a second listen. I know my older recordings from last year have incredibly loud drums, I was happier with the results from ezdrummer. Thanks for the input!