First piece I'm sharing in the S&L section! This song is a lullaby of sorts for myself, except it's for when I'm awake lol. I'm reassuring myself that the person I am right now will make it through life and become the person I want to be. Let me know what you think! =)

[verse 1]
Stop listening to the neurons in you're head
prescribing to what we've left unsaid
Can you see threw this facade?
what makes you think you're a god?
It's not the way you carry yourself

[verse 2]
We'll have time to dream later today
If we can't, we'll close our eyes
And breath in the lies

[acoustic interlude]

Just light a match
So I can find my way home
and I can build a place where we can be alone.

Stand with me,
on the precipice
of the great void that is our future

light a match,
throw it in the yard.
Cover it with kerosene so we can spread the warmth

Be OK,
that's all I ask for.
So I can rest my head tonight
[end on simple solo]

If you want the chords for a little more reference let me know!