Hi. I have been trying to start/join a band for a while now, and it is not going anywhere. So while I search for people to play with I thought I would start recording my own instrumental tracks.(I don't sing). Now, my problem is that every time I try and record something it sounds very empty and incomplete. If any of you have any tips for what I could do to help my track sound better, please help me out. Also please not that I have no microphone, just a guitar, a bass guitar, and an amp with USB recording capability.
Lots of advice about Recording in the Recording forum. I'm not sure why you wouldn't look there for help before posting in the wrong place.

The's a whole stickied thread about the equipment you'll need if you want to make it sound good (hint: an amp's USB capability isn't the best solution) and lots of other useful threads.
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i'd invest in some microphones if i were u. mixing and getting ur music to sound close to professional takes years of practice and experience. my advice is just keep doing it, keep researching and you'll make progress. one major thing i learned is that make sure the source is the best you can get it. for example, make sure ur guitar is tuned, ur drums have new skins, and ur playing is really tight. don't depend on effects and the computer to fix things for u. If u don't have drums and never plan on getting some, the best replacement is a program called superior drummer. I have been doing this for over 5 years and I always feel like I can do better. It's a never-ending battle. check out this site:


this is my latest recording:

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