I actually quite liked that. I had a few critiques, of course, but over-all a very enjoyable listen.

Okay, on to the only 2 critiques I really had:
- at 63 you change to a rhythm which is perfectly fine, but after a while I would recommend shifting to chords that are more full in tone - I'm not saying change the chord completely; what I mean is that if you had been playing, say, a G power chord, I'd say change to a concert G chord.
- At points when the lead comes in, its volume can become overbearing and overwhelm the background parts. I'm not sure if this can be a real complaint or if its just an issue from where I imported the song into GP6.

If you don't mind taking a minute to look over mine:
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Wow, these all suck. Except for the Moth Whisperer over there.

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