[ Since I miss posting something, and I really like this piece, I decided to post it, despite it already made the finals in the comp. This wasn't written for the comp, but since I found it adequate it ended up there. Hope you enjoy ! ]

We are germs
procreating with each kiss; swallowing
each other’s cough as if our lips
were the only gas mask that could
pull us through the leaf-stained air –
carrier of the season’s change flu.

Chewing our bodies,
with the blind belief that our skin
provided the vitamins
that’d keep our body hair
out of setting on end
to the chilling breeze, as though
we were making love in a room
full of recent scoured balloons
and old television sets.

We’re relying on this because
holding hands is better than wearing gloves,
while treading through humid stones
we once feared to slip on.
The waves we sometimes gaze upon
are getting more violent as our fingers
tie together more tightly.

But we’re still too afraid
to get lost on this need
and apparent dependency,
because germs are easily
eliminated and we
are deciduous.