What's the trick to keeping these things in tune? I have a Jackson Soloist that has pretty big swings of being out of tune. The fine tuners can't bring it back in tune. I used the tuner and ended up breaking the string. Are these just a pain to keep in tune or is there something i can do. I'm actually considering getting rid of this since it's such a pain and i don't use the whammy bar as much as I thought I would.
I'd say you have a setup problem, I have FR equipped guitars that stay in tune for weeks at a time, even with regular use.
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If you dont use the whammy bar that much its popular to block it, so it will stay in tune. But of course you should look into if its a setup problem first as Arby911 says. Did you check the FR setup guide (sticky in this forum)?
Does it go out of tune the same way every time? The E and A string going flat and the others going sharp for example?

Sounds strange you can break a string using the tuners. Are you tuning without loosening the string lockers on the neck or something?
My Floyd Rose guitar stays in tune no matter how hard I use my whammy bar. I can bend the strings up and do crazy dive bombs and it doesn't affect the tuning at all. And that's what it's designed for.

They are not pain to keep in tune but they are pain to get in tune. Though I'm sure that's not your problem. Setup is your problem. Is it an old guitar or did you just buy it? Maybe take it back to the store and ask for setup. They should do it for free if you just bought the guitar.
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You know what, i did use the tuners without loosening the string lockers on the neck. I'm an idiot.
I solved this pretty simply, sold the crap on ebay and bought another guitar.
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