I'm going out this weekend to buy the last (for now) pedal for my pedalboard and also a power supply. I did originally want a Voodoo Labs 4x4, which are now available in the UK. However i've found an alternative which seems better for cheaper the Decibel11 Hot Stone Deluxe.

Voodoo 4x4 link:

Decibel11 Hotstone link:

I'm torn between which one to get. The Decibel11 is a bit cheaper, also has a more features, but i'm wondering which one UG would recommend.

The Hotstone looks like a copy of the Voodoo Pedal Power 2+, which is almost exactly the same price. The 4x4 is for higher draw digital pedals which is why it's more expensive.

The Voodoo PP2+ is the gold standard, that's what I'd get.
Hey thanks for the quick reply
I would get the PP2+ but i have a Line 6 G50 wireless and i've heard of problems of trying to run it from a pp2+ as it needs 350mA (i think) and i don't want to use 2 outputs on one thing.

The decibel seems to have more amp's than the pp2+. Kind of like a PP2+ meets a 4x4 by the looks of it.