I have a good collection of songs written, or at least sketches of songs, probably a good EPs worth, and I am satisfied with how they sound. But when it comes to lyrics, I blank. Every word I write I feel like the lyrics aren't legit enough, like they sound too ametuerish for me. I can't see them being a real song.

I'm not looking to make anything of myself or something, like I'm not trying to write superstar lyrics...but the point is that, and this is a bad idea I know...I just don't know how some of my favorite bands write the lyrics they do. I mean, they don't even make sense sometimes, and yet they're so good.

But when I write anything that doesn't make sense, I just think "This doesn't make any sense, WTF?"

Any help/suggestions?
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Do you have any lines, phrases, or any sort of lyric that you find satisfying? If so, what is it about them that satisfies you? What is it about others that doesn't satisfy you? For me, I like original, creative, or thought-provoking lyrics. Ultimately, I just write and write until I come up with something clever. And trust me, regardless of what others think, I know when a lyric is good; I think you are the same way.