Whilst messing around with symmetrical patterns such as whole tone (which I love), I noticed that W-H-H on a single string, if shifted up by a semitone on the next string, stays symmetrical within its octave...


... but does it have a name, as in scale-wise? To my ears it's got some kinda harmonic minor thing going on (because of the W+H between iii and iv), but my theory is shit.
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Looks like an ostinato to me.

As far as a scale name for this? I'm unaware of any, due to the step and a half jump between one string to the next.

Edit: Just looked through one of my scale books. While it does list some scales with WH and WW interval jumps, I did not find any that matched the one you put up. Maybe someone else can identify it.
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Hmm, ostinato... I've heard that term before. Something about repeating motifs. I'm starting to like this pattern more and more, since its first mode is also symmetrical and has a phrygian dominant(?) flavour to it:


Haven't tried its other modes yet, but otherwise I just love symmetrical fingerings due to their 'off' sound. Nothing more fun than noodling around 3nps whole tone scales right across the neck.