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Hey guys, first post here.
Well, thing is, I'll be visiting the US in about 20 days (I actually arrive on Jan. 20th to NY and on Jan. 26th I go to LA, where I'll be staying until Feb. 6th.) and I want to buy a couple guitars while I'm there; one, at least.
I'm looking for:

1-Fender Tele Custom: Japanese will do, no need for it to be american. Could also be a Squier Classic Vibe, as a matter of fact. (note: its not a Custom Telecaster but a Telecaster custom. The one with the double binding)


2-Grestch G5122 or similar: preferably with a double cutaway, but I'm open to any suggestion, really


3-Any Acoustic: well, not any acoustic. I'd prefer a Martin or a Taylor since they're a bit easier to sell in argentina, just in case I get bored with it. But could also be a Guild (I love guilds), or a good Takamine, etc... Just not an electric acoustic, I like acoustics better

Well, I'm willing to pay around 600 or 650 or something like that for the Grestch (give or take a few bucks, nothing to set for now).
For the tele, if its made in Japan, 700 or 800 sounds reasonable to me. For the Classic Vibe Squier, I'd pay a bit less than 300 since that's what it costs new methinks.
And for the acoustic, it really depends on what I'm offered. But I'd like to spend 500 on a cheap martin or taylor I guess.

I'm not looking for anything too fancy as you may see, just a couple of nice budget guits that I can take on vacation or whatever without having to go nuts over it. I'm a bit on a budget, too, so price is an issue.
I also posted another thread asking where to buy used equipents in LA or NY. I want used (no need for them to be like new, either) instruments that play well and sound decent..