Looking at selling my Tom Delonge Signature Strat. It's actually a Mexican Standard Strat, but has been completely re built to the specs of the Delonge Signature.

It's had a custom paint job, custom scratch plate and the Seymour Duncan Invader pickup installed. It also has strap lock nuts installed making it impossible for your strap to fall off.

It's also been rewired to be controlled by one gain knob. I THINK the a new neck has been added as well but i'm not 100%, it feels really good to play either way.

I bought this second hand and have had it a while, played it well, gigged it a few times. It's still in real nice condition though, and sounds as great as when I bought it!

There is a crackle in the volume switch when you alter the volume though. This doesn't interfere with then you're playing, just makes a little crackle when you turn the knob. This may just mean some dirt has dot down in the electrics, not really too much of a whizz on guitar tech.

Either way it still sounds great. Not sure what to ask for a price, but I'm open to offers!