Hey. I'm looking for a cheapish bass. I had to lend my bass to a friend for a year so I need a backup.
It needs to have at least 21 frets (I don't think there are many basses with 21.. so 22 or 24 is fine).

I play for my church's praise team, but I play Heavy Rock/Metal, Funk, Blues, Jazz, and some Punk at home and with friends.

My budget is ~$200 and I'm going for used.

Thanks for any advice.
Squier VM/CV series, Ibanez SR series, Yamaha RBX series (yes this is an automatic response, but a quick search would have turned up millions of threads asking similar questions. You could have searched up a perfectly fine answer in seconds)
I thought all the CV/VM basses have 19 or 20 frets?

Going used gives you tons of options. 200 bucks could score you a used Ibanez SRX500, a Peavey fury or even an Alvarez.
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I thought all the CV/VM basses have 19 or 20 frets?

Whoops, you're right they're all 20 frets it seems. In that case just the RBX or SR.
If you tend more towards metal, rock and punk something like an Ibanez ATK300 would do nicely. I think they're about 500-600usd new, but here in Europe they're available used from about 150eur.
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They're not the easiest things to find, but if you can find them, take a look at the offerings from Traben. They've got a few good basses that fit your requirements.
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