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Hey. I'm looking for a cheapish bass. I had to lend my bass to a friend for a year so I need a backup.
It needs to have at least 21 frets (I don't think there are many basses with 21.. so 22 or 24 is fine).

I play for my church's praise team, but I play Heavy Rock/Metal, Funk, Blues, Jazz, and some Punk at home and with friends.

My budget is ~$200 and I'm going for used.

Thanks for any advice.
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Squier VM/CV series, Ibanez SR series, Yamaha RBX series (yes this is an automatic response, but a quick search would have turned up millions of threads asking similar questions. You could have searched up a perfectly fine answer in seconds)
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I thought all the CV/VM basses have 19 or 20 frets?

Going used gives you tons of options. 200 bucks could score you a used Ibanez SRX500, a Peavey fury or even an Alvarez.
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Quote by Alucard817
I thought all the CV/VM basses have 19 or 20 frets?

Whoops, you're right they're all 20 frets it seems. In that case just the RBX or SR.
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If you tend more towards metal, rock and punk something like an Ibanez ATK300 would do nicely. I think they're about 500-600usd new, but here in Europe they're available used from about 150eur.
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They're not the easiest things to find, but if you can find them, take a look at the offerings from Traben. They've got a few good basses that fit your requirements.
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