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Hi guys,
I am quite a newbie to guitars, I have a Fernandes revelle and Roland micro cube RX.
I am looking to get the 60s sounds like the rolling stones, jimi Hendrix etc.
May I ask what do I need to get for this ?
Thanks in advance
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the micro cube is a handy little amp, it has different settings on it that do different sounds that come from different amps. for that british tone from the likes of Hendrix and others in that realm try playing on the "brit combo" setting or the "classic stack" and play around with the gain and tone knob a bit. i'm not familiar with the gtr but if it has humbuckers as opposed to single coils then Hendrix will be harder because he used for the most part a strat w/ single coils.
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
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You need to get a tube amp that is or sounds like a Marshall JTM 45, a Vox AC30, or basically any Fender.
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Vox AC30.

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You need to get a tube amp that is or sounds like a Marshall JTM 45, a Vox AC30, or basically any Fender.


and probably a guitar with single coils too
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