So this is a short song I wrote with one of my favorite bands, Of Monsters and Men, in mind. Tell me what you think

Peter was a small boy
In a small town
He said “I’ll never grow up,
Never look down”
Built himself a house of Lincoln logs
Set himself free,
Was a rebel without a cause.

Alice was a small girl,
In London
She made herself a dream world,
And slept ‘till sundown.
The fog was her gold
Because the world outside was so unbelievably cold.

Peter Pan and Alice of Wonderland
Built themselves a castle made of sand
But as they grew older, they began to understand
That the salty waves would slowly destroy their land

And isn’t it sad?
Isn’t it sad?
Isn’t it sad…
That this life is all we have
Apparently nothing gold can stay,
Sooner or later, we face the blinding white of day
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