I was recently fortunate enough to find a great deal on a Jackson USA SL2H and I would like to customize it for the best possible sound. I just ordered some Bare Knuckle Holy Diver pick ups which I'm excited to try out to see if they live up to the hype.

I'm about to go into the studio to record some tracks for a good friend and I want it to really shine.

Are there any other customizations I can do to replace some stock parts for a slightly better overall sound?

Maybe getting a brass block for my floyd trem? If anyone has had one installed does it make much of a difference in tone and overall sustain? I heard they can restrict the movement range of the trem.

Do noiseless springs work?

What about those premium quality cables? is there a noticeable difference?

I use some medium gauge elixirs right now, any high quality strings someone can recommend me?

Heh I realize there are a lot of questions but any advice or suggestions would be helpful, thanks in advance.
It's a great guitar.

The trem block is voodoo horseshit. The "silent" springs might be worth it depending on how much they are. One of the users on here really likes his for studio use.
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