My band recorded this song last night, Quickly mixed and mastered with Cubase and IZotope Ozone through our live PA system.

guitars and Bass are tracked DI and use Guitar Rig 5 VST. Drums are EZ Drummer with the Drumkit From Hell addon.

Let me know what you think...I'll do the same in return!


Edit:Remixed and mastered track for better quality.
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It's pretty cool! The sound is very hi-fi, nice and crisp. Some of the lower notes on the guitars sound a bit muddy though (like the intro and the start of the breakdown at about 1:15), I'm not sure whether this is too much gain or if those guitars are just sitting a bit low in the mix. The snare seems a bit too loud as well. Overall it's professional sounding. The shred solo near the end is nice and clean, and it's impressive how cleanly you doubled it. The harmonies near the end are pretty cool. Sound like the 3rd and 5th instead of root and third, I think? Maybe switching between 3rds and 5ths? I dunno, pretty cool though.
wow man, this was really really quite awesome, great job! Its very tight, everything about the riffs are awesome, I enjoyed it. Good job!