Got another 13 year old BP-8 Preamp/Multi Effects unit for Christmas ($100), and had the Power supply attachment point modified in my old and NTM unit with a Right Angle XLR ($100) so it will not easily come unplugged and damage my gear.

Pictures are attached to lower response to the Righteous Revolt demanding Pics.
I am technoChallenged so I did not figure out how to make the pics part of the message.

Pedal Set up...

It is Two Boss BCB-60's, set up one cascading down to the next.
I plug into the top first ( R>L EQ-20<OD-20<PS-5<SYB-5) and then to the bottom (L>R PH-3>BF-3>CE-20>DD-20)

Signal then runs the width of the board to the left to:
1 Digitech BP-8 (the foundational tone is made here-Chorus is handy-volume control-Tuner)

Which then runs to the Right of the BCB array, to a splitter:

Side 1 goes into an 'A/B or A&B' Switch

Side 2 goes into a Second Digitech BP-8 (which runs into B of the A/B or A&B Switch)

This is where things get exotic:
disengaged from the system I can preset the unit (Tube overdrive Phaser/Flanger/Whammy/octaver/synth/Tremelo plus Reverb, and yet another Delay) to then be engaged with a True bypass switch either taking over the Tone or mixing these signals with the foundational Tone signal...without the drop out that the BP-8 switches are known for.

The BP-8 requires that you commit to the preset having Delay or/and Reverb in or Out, and there is a a switchable Modulation Effect. So, if I want to add delay or reverb with one unit, I have to change presets and there is a drop out during the switch. I cannot add other modulation effects that the unit can do as it can only do one at a time.

In the dual set up I can add things, like Reverb on top of the Boss DD-20, or another modulation or the Wah Pedal, at will and no drop out.

I also now possess a Back-up BP-8 as my foundational tube tone source, and it was cheaper than any reverb pedal or Wah pedal togther.
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That's pretty wild. Mind boggling for an old guy like me.
I have one BP-8. I love that I can EQ to a room or hall
so well with it.

It's a little much for home. I got mine with a power
supply on eBay real cheap. It turned out to be way
better pedal than I thought it was.

I think this thread might get shut down without them.
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absolutely what will said

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pics so im not confused
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Yes, we want pics.

Here's my BP8, but I want to see tha Mad
Scientist's setup,

OK Working on it.
Nothing to do today...Will Update.

Updated; so the Righteous Revolt can be quelled.
Thanks for pushing me.

Here they are.

I think

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BP8 Power Conn.jpg
Array cropped.jpg
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