hey forum,

i was looking into buying a bigger amp for gigging. i have narrowed it down to a few amps:

Mesa boogie mark iv
Engl Thunder or Screamer
EVH 5150 iii 50 watt version
Peavey 6505+
Bugera 333xl infinium
Laney ironheart

basically any tube amp that's at least 50 watts and is a high gain amplifier. I own a blackstar 2x12 cab which does sound really good with any amplifier, not just the ht range. I mainly play in the style of progressive metal and djent. I play through an ibanez premium 7 string.

Whatever you end up getting, please make sure you have adequate power in your house.

I would definitely say the Mark IV but I would also say give that 5153 a try too.
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What is your budget? What is the biggest city near you?

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Whatever you end up getting, please make sure you have adequate power in your house.

I would definitely say the Mark IV but I would also say give that 5153 a try too.

i have a MKIV and love it. it can do anything with a boost or even just guitar to amp, i use the second channel pushed with a timmy and it screams

i like it better than the third channel (which is set to mark morton of LOG's eq.

its also nice that you have an option to use the EQ and it makes it a little more versatile.

i paid $875 for the long head with footswitch with fresh tubes mesa power tubes (they are just relabels though) i don't remember what the preamp tubes are i think JJ's. cleans a great although i have very minimal 5153 experience. like 5 minutes, so i don't really have enough time with it to judge it.
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The Laney Ironheart is a really good choice for those styles IF you're on a tight budget. However, given that you're considering a Mark IV, you probably should try to narrow your amp choices a bit. You've got expensive and then budget amps.
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I Used and Engl (fireball) for shows and rehearsals for over 2 years and I must say, it sound great, but his clean channel isn't that good... The problem with the Engl's sound is that it is very compressed. This compression sounds very awsome but if the other plays an amp like dual recitifer, 6505, H&K trilogy, his sound will dominate your, and you won't be able to recognise your own sound anymore... :'(
That the reason why I bought a dual Rectifier.

The Peavey 6505+ may have a seperate clean channel. But i think that your still able to hear that it isn't an amp that's created for playing clean :p But this is the only "negative" thing I have to say about the peavey ;-)

And the Mesa mark IV is suposed to be awsome. My guitar teacher olayed one of those (after owning pretty much every other amp out there) and he always told me that it was the best amp he ever had (it could be that it was a mark V, not sure anymore)

And don't count on a burgera for playing show, a couple of friends of mine bought burgera-amps and they all broke down
You really can't go wrong with a 5150 III for djent and prog. I know Periphery and Gojira both recorded their latest albums with it, not sure who else has off the top of my head.

The Mark IV is obviously a good choice for more classic prog sounds, maybe not so much for full on djent sounds.

6505+ isn't great if you need good cleans.

Bugera is shit, not worth considering in your assumed budget.

Not sure about either of those Engls or the Laney. Aren't those particular Engls lower gain compared to their bigger stuff? And isn't the Laney just another 6505+ clone? Again, not sure.

5150 III is the safest bet IMO.
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yeah i would say the last 3 are a bit lacking compared to the top 3...
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