Hi all..

I own a Sparkle Silver Squire Jagmaster and a Sonic blue Squire Jazzmaster

Im interested in putting a Jazzmaster style pick up in the bridge on my jagmaster..

I've already purchased the pick up and widened the hole for it to fit.. I just need the cover and screws to make it all happen.

Is there anything else i can change too to try and make it sound more jazzy?? I know it will never match due to having the Strat Tail piece but i'd like to give it ago on getting it sounding more jazzmaster like
Get a humbucker sized P90.

Also, why change it to a Jazzmaster sound? You have a Jazzmaster.
I like the sound of my jazzmaster but like the looks of my jagmaster so I want to try create a hybrid if possible

I have a Seymour Duncan hot for jazzmaster pick up ready to put in it..

And in my squire jaz I have the bridge pick up out of my old fender CIJ 62 reissue jazzmaster Which I recently sold.. I swapped them as it sounds wayyyyyyyy better in my current squire than its former fender
Also the jagmaster currently has a Sky HRN-1 humbucker designed by Kent Armstrong in the bridge however it isn't as clear and punchy under distortion as the jazzy sound I'm hoping to create
Putting a Jazzmaster pickup in a Jaguar (or Jagmaster, in this case) won't make it sound like a Jazzmaster. A Jazzmaster pickup is just a regular single coil, exactly the same as you find in Strats, Teles and Jaguars, with the wire spread lower and wider. The thing which really makes a Jazzmaster sound different from other Fender designs is that combination of the two tone circuits and the design of the bridges.

Frankly, as far as a Jagmaster goes, you could just split the bridge pickup and get the same sound as you would if you put a Jazzmaster pickups in there.

It sounds like really, all you need to do is grab a basic, clear humbucker-size pickup, like a hum-size P-90 or DiMarzio Bluesbucker, something along those lines. Or, as I said, you could just use the existing pickup with a push-pull pot and wire it as a coil split switch.
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I could split the bridge pick up easily with abit of assistance on what i have to do however I think to change the tailpiece and bridge ...I'd probably be better off just buying another jazzmaster and spraying it sparkle silver lol
Change the pots to 1 meg ohm. That's what Jazzmasters use to give it their bright tone.
^True, but a new pot value on its own won't make a humbucker sound like a single coil pickup of any description.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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Yeah but I do have a Seymour Duncan Hot for jazzmaster pick up that I want to put in once I can source a cover and screws to fit it
Well i've managed to put the Seymour Duncan Hot for jazzmaster pickup in the bridge position off my Silver Jagmaster today and must say that already.. the difference in tone and quality is loads brighter and clearer compared to the old kent armstrong pick up that was in previously.. It also sounds punchier which i like..

next job is to uprate the pups.. I'm also considering putting a seymour duncan hot pick up in my blue jazzmaster aswell but im concentrating on the jagmaster at the minute.