I'm a professional Guitar Teacher and I still have lessons. There, I said it.

I'd like to give my opinions and experiences with my guitar lessons via skype. That's right, I still have lessons via skype and i believe that i only continue to improve because of this.
When you do music full time, it's easy to stagnate in your own playing. I teach 20+ hours, have a social life/girlfriend and am a fairly normal, well adjusted non-bedroom guitarist. I don't have a lot of time to play guitar outside teaching.
I learn via skype because knowing that i have a lesson coming up first of all makes sure that i'm practicing, and am motivated to push myself. My guitar teacher is Pete Sklaroff: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pete-Sklaroff-Guitar-Lessons/154113358004732?fref=ts
He is a protege of the late, great Charlie Banacos. Charlie taught Mike Stern and many other of today's top players. Pete is certainly of that level, although he'd be the last to say it. Pete was also responsible for the Guitar side of the Degree program at Leeds College of Music which is where i first met him about 10 years ago.
Skype lessons have the potential to be awful. Bad connections, poor teachers, time differences, lack of written materials. Pete's lessons are none of that. Each week i receive a .pdf of the material we will cover in the lesson, a couple of days to get comfortable, (not perfect,) at it and then everything is consolidated in the lesson. It's an excellent system. Everything we do in the lesson is emailed to me about an hour later in the form of pdfs, audio examples and sometimes videos. If i have questions during the week, Pete is only an email away and responses are timely, well thought out and useful.
Despite my musical experience, i have found that having regularly weekly lessons with Pete has drastically improved my playing, broken down a lot of walls very quickly and helped me to reach a new level in my playing which i previously thought was impossible. I was stagnating and suddenly i feel alive with musical possibilities.
While not for absolute beginners, i feel Pete's lessons will have a huge effect on anybody who at least reached an intermediate standard and is interested in playing excellent, melodic jazz, rock, fusion, blues or Latin music.
Finally, the embarrassing part: Pete is a much better player, teacher and musician than I could hope to be, and yet his lessons cost a lot less than mine. He offers 5 lessons for £100. For someone of his caliber and reputation that's crazy. I'd definitely give him a go.
Check him out on the link above. Listen to his audio and then contact him about lessons.
*Disclaimer. I am NOT Pete Sklaroff or affiliated with him in any way, except to say i'm a very satisfied student and i want to give him the exposure he deserves.
Most of you know that i run a guitar education website; I've made a page (for free!) to promote Pete's lessons. I'm not making money from this, it's just a favour for a friend and mentor.


If you're interested in checking him out take a look. He's excellent.