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Deathcore Distortion

I'm looking for a full-bodied and brutal pedal distortion for deathcore and metalcore. Reference bands: Suicide Silence, Oceano, The Acacia Strain, Whitechapel, Emmure, After The Burial, Structures, Molotov Solution. Until now I've played with MXR fullbore metal with a problem: if I found a good eq about distorted, sucks on palm muting and vice versa. I'm also looking for advices for a good eq both general distorted and palm muting on MXR.
Thanks in advance!
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What amp are you playing it through? Hate to be the bearer of bad news but to get a good "brutal" tone for that sort of music, you need a decent amplifier that caters for high gain. No matter how close you think you can get a pedal to sound like a great amplifier, it will never be able to recreate the sound from one.

Majority of modern metal = High gain amp + tubescreemer of some sort + High output humbucking pickups + Noise Gate
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Carl has the right idea, but you can get that sort of sound out of a pedal if you're on a budget. These are probably your best option if unless you can go for a $270 Wampler Triple Wreck.
AMT Legend amp series. They have pedals based off of all the big name high gain heads. Peavey 6505, Mesa Recto, ENGL Fireball, Bogner Uberschall, Marshall JCM, Diezel. I have an Axe FX II and used to have an R1. These pedals get almost as good of tone as I do through my Axe Fx.
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other than that, Wampler Triple Wreck is pretty badass
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Thank you guys first! Carl I play with a Laney semi valve with a Celestion 120 watt. I know, it's not the uttermost but in 6 years since when I've started to play unfortunately most people with whom I played were a few serious, hardly any was trustworthy. Also I'm a comic artist, illustrator, paint oil paintings, use other mediums like watercolour, acrylic. Finally use Photoshop and Illustrator. So between equipment for music, painting, illos, comics and a powerful pc for digital works and the realistic fear to play alone with my "cheap" cabinet and 6505 or other badass equipment when I need money for all this (I'm not freelancer yet) now, 6 years after, I've still a mediocre amp. But It's also true I'm playing with old friends now and seen the seriousness and perseverance I've already bought a LTD eclipse SilverSunburst EC-50. I'm fully agree with you about decent amplifier. I'm working and save up for it. Matter of time

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The best pedal for that sort of thing is a footswitch.....

...A footswitch that activates the lead channel of a 5150/6505. Sorry, couldn't resist.
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Originally Posted by ihartfood
other than that, Wampler Triple Wreck is pretty badass

Though it is badass, not really for total brutal core stuff. I find it works best for hard rock and prog metal, at least with my setup.

And also it's so f'n expensive that you could buy a 6505 instead
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Yeah man, those bands are tough to nail with anything less than a 5150, and that is about the cheapest amp you can use for those types of tones. Pinch those pennies is all I can suggest, it sucks, but it will feel amazing once you get the amp you're after.
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