I'm not sure where to put this thread. :P But I'm sure some of you guys are pretty good at guitar. Do you guys know how to make that scratchy sound, its hard to explain so I'll link examples. I'm not very good, but I would like to get better. I'm sure it would require some type of technique or something.

Go to 2:45.
Go to 11:34

Any of you guys know how to make that sound or get it for that matter? Thx.
How to get almost any tone (if you're not very experienced with amps and effects):
If you using a simulation (POD, ReValver, Amplitube) then look what units they used at that time, then match the amp models and the effects to the closest possible models (in place of a fender amp any other is good). Maybe you can find correct settings too. If you can't find anything or you've no modeling (an amp with a few channels) then skip this part.
After you finished with the models (or selected a channel) play with the knobs by turning everything from minimum to maximum slowly. When you found a correct point, move to an another. Maybe you've to jump back to a previous point. Later you'll get used to this kind of things and get your settings much faster.

Actually that thing (you want to get) requies some harder picking at a level of gain where it kicks your amp (model) into a slight distortion. (if I listened the correct part)
sounds like pick scrapes right at the bridge, literally right at the end of the string. I've stumbled onto it myself years ago and it sounds like that with a thin / treble tone, bridge pickup on my strat.
Toxyn hit the nail on the head The range of tones you have to create with are directly related to your strumming distance from the bridge. Play next to the bridge, and you will indeed get a sharp, twangy sound...move farther away and you add richness, sustain, and subtlety
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