I want to change the wiring in my Jackson KE3 Kelly. It has one volume pot, and a 3-way selector, and I'm keeping the pickups. What I want, is a volume pot for each pickup, so I've gone for getting a stacked pot. (http://www.allparts.uk.com/online-s...ic-p-15687.html)

I'm not 100% if this is the correct size, metric or CTS. I believe it should be as the guitar currently has stock electronics and is MIJ. My other problem is how to wire it. It currently goes like this: Bridge pickup to back side of pickup switch, neck pickup to front side of switch. (This is looking from the back routing, not the top of guitar) Middle portion of switch goes to one lug of volume pot, and another lug goes to the output jack. What doesn't make sense to me there is the switch positioning. Putting the switch to the back makes connection only to front side (closest to volume pot) of two connections, and vice versa, where the middle makes connection to both sides. But the pickups themselves are wired opposite to this, yet still select the correct pickup. I dunno.

The other thing I'm confused on is how I'd wire up two volume pots (and which set of three lugs is top or bottom of stacked pot) with the selector switch. Would I go as it is now, except now wire the pickup selector to individual volume pots, and have both volume pots go to output jack; or would I wire the pickups to their individual volume pots, then to the pickup selector, and from selector to output jack?

Cheers for any and all help on this matter. Just wanna clarify that I'd rather get a stacked pot than to drill a new hole, and be severely restricted to how much space I have on each of two volumes (there wouldn't be much).