getting another one,
what i listen to

Chelsea Grin
Asking Alexandria
Blink 182
SUm 41
The offspring
Of mice and men

Perferably for more metal, ignore the pop punk bands i can just play that this my current guitar.

Perferrably New

Unique Shapes, i already have and ibanez Rg Series which is like a Strat shape so im looking for something cool and Unique

Body Style
unique shapes, by unique i mean like a lespaul style or exlorer, iceman, cadillac, etc. anything you can think of that looks cool but also plays good.
I'm not a big fan of EMG pickups, but even so,I think the Dean DCR#6 Cadillac Floyd is worth a look- not too many Caddys with trems- and the Cadillac 1980s aren't too shabby, either.

The Fernandes Ravelle is a nice mutation of the LP bodystyle, and they were made for harder rock styles. The option of getting the sustainer is cool, too.

Malden's Karma and Black Karma are quality guitars with a variant LP shape as well (the BK's humbuckers are individually splittable). Their Subhuman has a fairly sinister appearance, and has Tesla VR-Extreme pickups.

DBZ Imperial and Royal solidbody guitars have an über-flattened 355-esque shape.

Reverends offerings have pseudo-retro styled korina bodies, but are usually equipped with some fairly hot pickups.- they're all about rock. Some models are equipped with Railhammer pickups.
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What amp do you have? That makes more difference for tone than guitar.
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Check BC Rich's Warlocks or Warbeasts. I own a Warlock and it's great for metal, especially drop tunings.
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by unique i mean like a lespaul style

I got my epi les paul std years ago for $900 AUS. Its a pretty great guitar for the price, though I did go through a few Epi Les Pauls before I found the right one, and I have upgraded the pickups.
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That seems like a lot for a EPI LP to me, also changing pups puts it over 1K, must be expensive there

I'd just get an Ibanez, Jap one
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That seems like a lot for a EPI LP to me

Yeah, but in this case we're talking USD. The markup in australia is ridiculous.
Where are you located? "$" can be USD or AUD, and there is a MASSIVE difference in price of gear between the two.

Can you tell us more about what you want? At this point we'd mostly be shooting in the dark, considering the sheer amount of different guitars out there.

I don't know if you saw this or not, but answering these questions here will greatly help us help you.

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Jackson King V KVXT

or the Jackson Warrior WRXTMG
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if you have a $900 budget US, I'd say try to find a used ESP 7 or 6 string. Might get lucky and find one cheap. If you HAVE to have new though, the LTD 1000 series is something worth looking at.
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You could look into some Carvin guitars, they have some models with a different body style, granted it could cost a little more than $900 with certain options, but you could also set up a payment plan as it's being built if you don't mind a wait; I'm pretty partial to Carvins as I've yet to be let down.
If you listen to whitechapel and chelsea grin you may want to consider a 7 string, since both of those bands both use 7 strings.
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