Hey guys, my friend and I are trying to start an Easycore/Popcore band. He plays drums and I play guitar. for me, writing lyrics is pretty easy but I couldn't think of any decent riffs. So could someone please give me some advice on writing them? I play in drop d by the way.
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lol.........just do what the Beatles did....or led zepplin etc and you should be fine.....lol.

What the hell is Easycore or Popcore anyways?

You don't usually just think of cool riffs......they usually need a lot of work and don't usually end the way they start.

You need to just mess around...and make something up......start with some chords and just start picking away.
If you want to play some easycore riffs, do what all the posercore bands do. Here's a sample tab:
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Thanks for the reply! Easycore is Pop-punk, Metalcore and Hardcore combined.

So... you mean Pop-punk?
Actually, I go by Dave, but there are already too many Daves on this forum.

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My advice would be not to write easycore (?) riffs at all. Just write riffs, and don't confine them to any one genre. If they're catchy, work with them. But don't discard them because they "aren't popcore enough". Otherwise, just have fun man.
^This. I don't suggest you wrap your band over a genre. Just make music you like and let the audience decide what genre it is.
I would just say if you're going to stick to a certain song and a certain genre, put together a good selection of songs that are either in that song, use a guitar set with that tuning, or both and jam man. Just jam.
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