I'll be getting a new guitar for myself in a month or two and I was thinking of buying one of the new Yamaha Pacificas (don't think they're available in the US).

Problem is, despite this guitar being almost everything I want in a guitar the gloss finish on the neck is keeping me from pulling the trigger.

Also, I can only shop from Thomann or MusicStore.

So tell me: am I an idiot for dismissing this guitar for its neck or are there other good alternatives for someone who prefers a fast neck like myself.

Keep in mind I would rather have Duncans stock on my new guitar.
Thanks in advance!
Just because it's gloss it doesn't mean it's sticky.
Also you can just get some 000 or 0000 grade steel wool and rub the neck until it's satin.
Did that with my old Epiphone SG and it feels much nicer.
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Well, what are your needs?
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