I liked this. Beginning was very ambient like and video-y game-y. I didn't really care for when the guitars and drums came in it first, but then a synth-y thing came in and it was decent and helped the video game vibe. Sounds like something that'd be in those old SNES games.
Nice work! Lot's of tonal qualities here...

The intro was nice - like it or not, if the intro isn't good most people won't listen to the rest!

1:25 - Like the change

1:55 - The drums. Not sure what to think - maybe 1/2 as long?

2:59 - a bad ass riff!

6:00 - Interesting in a good way...

6:30 - I assume that is a synth - I like the sound

7:54 - another nice change.

Overall production and mix is good - but it was a long cut I only had time to listen twice.

Keep recording!

If you wouldn't mind a C4C -


Joshua1207: Funny thing is, I love Sonic the Hedgehog music and Touhou Project arrangments on youtube, so I can see the video game resemblence now...

DanceswithSheep: Don't forget it's actually two seperate songs...but thanks!