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I liked this. Beginning was very ambient like and video-y game-y. I didn't really care for when the guitars and drums came in it first, but then a synth-y thing came in and it was decent and helped the video game vibe. Sounds like something that'd be in those old SNES games.
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Nice work! Lot's of tonal qualities here...

The intro was nice - like it or not, if the intro isn't good most people won't listen to the rest!

1:25 - Like the change

1:55 - The drums. Not sure what to think - maybe 1/2 as long?

2:59 - a bad ass riff!

6:00 - Interesting in a good way...

6:30 - I assume that is a synth - I like the sound

7:54 - another nice change.

Overall production and mix is good - but it was a long cut I only had time to listen twice.

Keep recording!

If you wouldn't mind a C4C -

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Joshua1207: Funny thing is, I love Sonic the Hedgehog music and Touhou Project arrangments on youtube, so I can see the video game resemblence now...

DanceswithSheep: Don't forget it's actually two seperate songs...but thanks!