so i have a question about alternate guitar tunings. you know how standard guitar tuning is E, A D, G, B, E and have the frequencies (roughly) ->

E - 82.4
A - 110
D - 146.8
G - 196
B - 246.9
E - 329.6

does anyone know the pitch / frequency of each string for drop D and drop C tunings?
http://www.phy.mtu.edu/~suits/notefreqs.html That has everything from roughly 16hz, up to 5kHz.

May I ask why exactly you want to know this? Not that it's bad stuff to know, I'm just curious.
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Thanks for the reply!

to answer your question I'm attending college and currently taking an electronic engineering program. I'm working on a little project involving string frequency but couldn't find anything relevant on the net. That chart does help though. I think I'm also going to bring a guitar in to class and measure each string with the equipment we've got in the lab.
the issue with measuring your actual guitar is that you may be ever so slightly out of tune, which would change the frequency you get
A guitar also has a lot of overtones that may make it a little harder to read what you're getting

The link Carl posted is the same page I have bookmarked for reference, but out of curiosity, whats the project you're working on?
Yeah i hear ya.. I have all my measurements, i found a really great site that display all the different tunings and their frequencies (http://www.ultrawavestudios.co.uk/Guitar_Tuner/Help/guitar_tunings.htm)

MY original idea was to makea circuit in which hooks up to the guitar pickups and rather than having to tune your guitar you could just match the frequencies for whatever tuning and play. something simular to gibsons "min-Etuner". I canned that project though due to time restrictions.

at the moment im working on a guitar tuner for my project and with that site i posted with all the frequencies it shouldn't be a problem. I've got all the schematics made and what not, just a matter of putting it together and working out any possible bugs