So I've got just myself an Orville Les Paul off ebay

I managed to get one with a solid maple top and a beautiful flame
but its a polyurethane(?) finish

would it be worth taking it off the top and refinishing it in Nitro gloss?

As in would it have an effect on the tone?

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I doubt you would notice any diffrence in tone when unpluged and you deff wont notice when it is pluged in.

If you like the finnish leave it alone. If you feel the need for nirto make sure you strip all the paint off befor you start to refinnish it.
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There is no tone detriment to having a polyurethane finish. It's entirely possible to have an even thinner poly finish than a nitro finish.

The only thing a poly finish will do, is last longer, won't melt away from your sweat, won't interact with nearly everything it touches, and won't crack from variations in temperature over time. So don't ruin your guitar's finish for what is honestly an inferior finish.