So, I have too many guitars that are tuned standard. I've come to the realization that I want switch my Jackson Soloist to an alternate tuning. It has the Floyd Rose so it needs to be something that's not going to change since it's a pain to change. Here's what I have:

Gibson LP Tradition-tuned half step down
PRS P24 Custom-Standard Tuned
Fender Strat-Standard Tuned
Schecter Tempest-Tuned to Open G for the Stones mostly
Jackson Solosit-Standard tuned for now

Other bands i'm interested in playing are Chevelle, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Motley Crue. There's probably others i'm forgetting. Which tuning do people recommend?

I tune to DADAC#F# when I play Math Rock, and EBEG#BE when I play slide.
"Karnivool" tuning?: BF#BGbe (Bottom 3 drop B, top 3 standard tuned)
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Why aren't any of those in Drop D? I know it's not hard to change from one to the other but hey, if you have a spare...
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A lot of range in that tuning...
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There is a range of tunings you could use like.

Drop C is used by your metalcore bands like August Burns Red, Bullet and such,
Machine Head play in Drop B and sometimes C# standard
And you will get your common djent bands playing in Drop G# on 7 strings or Meshuggah on their 8's in Drop E.
Essentially it's up to you cause drop tunning your guitar can open a lot of doors in style and in tone.
I'm currently in Drop A on my 6 string.
If you're playing Tool, Drop D is it for almost every song. "Prison Sex" uses a low B, and I think there's another, but almost everything Tool has is in Drop D. APC uses a lot, but Thirteenth Step is all (or at least almost all) in C# standard.

I've personally been having fun with D standard, there's a good amount of Mastodon stuff in that. If you haven't checked them out yet, do it.
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Get a set of 10-52s, tune to CGCGCE and have some fun with the Dev.

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I like Open Dsus4 (DADGAD)
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