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I put 2 new synth songs in my music website: "Stuck on You" is the song on top, and "The Way" is the next song down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review me, I will review you. I promise! Here is the link:


HI Aaron,
Thanks for reviewing my track I appreciate the input. I listened to your tracks and I enjoyed them. They have an old school feel to them, remind me of something you would hear during a movie. I also liked all the sound effects used, and the mix sounded good. Keep recording! Thanks again.
Checked these out after you reviewed my track, I love it! Stuck on You has a real 80's groove to it which is very unique nowadays. The Way was my favorite, the dance-y feel mixed with the dirty vocals really gives a certain accent to the song that works really great. Would love to hear more from ya!

- Interesting intro - attention getter

- 0:38 and 1:47 - like the rise effect

- 0:45 - Lyrics and melody?!!! Way to go! Reminds me of David Byrne

- 2:00 - Great riff rebirth

- 2:56 - like the ending

Not a techno fan - but the cut is unusual and well mixed and produced! Good job!

"The Way"

- Snare seems thin - but it fits & was probably done this way on purpose. Matter of personal taste I suppose...

- Love an artist who has interesting lyrics and melodies, though I did have a hard time catching the words.

- 2:00 - gets a LITTLE repetitive here, but par for the course for this genre - no big deal.

- 3:23 - Another good ending.

Good job on both!

Keep recording, and thanks for your review of Dance the Land of the Funky!

Listened to Stuck on You

Very interesting, not a huge techno person but interesting. I like the arrangement of the song, when it kinda halts around 2 mins then the main riff comes back. Sounds very like 90's video gamey.
I listened to the way. Really like the vocal effects on this track, love that swooping sound. I like the main melody but those drums are distracting not sure exactly why maybe because they're too tinny or because they just sound a little too electronic.
Hey thanks for the positive comments man! Here's your crit!:

"Stuck On You" is pretty well produced but from the get-go I'm not a fan of straight up MIDI sounds but it's clear that with this song you've gone for an old-school approach (or at least it seems that).

Ignoring the synths, I think the song is in fact well written - all the parts are interesting and quite separate but seem to lock very well as well as having your voice over the top. The reverb once again does give it an 80's-vibe but like I've said, it seems that was the style here.

So while the synths are up my street, I like the way the songs been written so kudos in that respect.
Stuck On You
Love the bass riff and you've got a really nice percussion sound. I also really like the little breakdown after the first chorus up to about 2.00

The Way
Preferred the intro to this one, liked the buildup and when they do come in the effects on the vocals are really good, especially in the chorus (about 1.30) and I enjoyed the little solo that followed.

Wish I could be more in depth, but I really don't know much about techno/electronic music outside of DnB
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@aaron aardvark: Thanks for the crit, I really like the slap bass sound you have in "Stuck On You", would you mind sharing some settings or tips? That would be awesome.

Stuck On You: I've already said I think the bass sounds awesome. The vocals although fine, are not for me. I thought the use of samples and "decorations" of electronic percussion to be very refreshing. Would have been nice to see more dynamics in the piece. It sort of felt like it just existed. Maybe add more instruments or a solo of some sort. It needs that "wow" factor.

The Way: Much of what I said about the above piece applies here. The samples, the vocals. It was nice to hear a synth solo and such. That was pretty cool. It reeks of 80's Pop. Take that as a compliment if 80's Pop was your intent. Otherwise...

These are probably a little too poppy for my tastes but I'm sure there would be people who froth over this stuff.
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Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! The bass sound in "Stuck On You" is from a Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 synth tone module. I am also capable of playing my electric bass (picked, fingered, or slapped), but I didn't use it in that song. I am into the 80's alternative sound.
Sorry it took me a little bit to get back to you Aaron. Listening to "Stuck on You" Exactly what I expected from you. The nice melody and counter melodies. The vocals come in at a good point to keep interest in the song. I like the middle after the first verse. (That ping pong effect) it was really cool. Recording was really clear, good quality. Keep up the nice work
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Oh hey I remember you! Glad to see you're still making stuff. Your stuff still has that cool 80s theme music sound to it, very John Carpenter/Terminator stuff. Keep going strong man!
Listened to stuck on you, liked the bass part in the intro, and the little leads after about 1:30 were great, the vocals were quite well done and fit perfectly for this type of music (also the lyrics fit well). All in all a good representation of what I assume you set out to achieve
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Thank you for your comments! I appreciate it! The machine gun sound is from a Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 synth module, but maybe it's in one of the units you mentioned also.
I have an E-30 which predates that unit you mentioned.

Do you also have the jet takeoff sound? That one sounds really cool through a good stereo. Also the clown laugh?
It does have a jet take off sound. The clown laugh sounds vaguely familiar, I know there are some laughs. If there is any music of yours that you wish me to review, just leave me a link. I tried looking & couldn't find any.
I like the bass in Stuck On You, really nice tone and grumbly feel. I like the song, kind of 80's feel, reminds me of New Order a bit. This track is mixed excellently too, lots of warmth and brightness in the mix.
I agree on the 80's-ish feel for Stuck On You, I think it's pretty original even though I'm not too much into the electronic genre. I liked better The Way, did you make the vocals?

Oh, and thanks for commenting on my song before!
GirlGerms & VictorG,
Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! I did everything in both songs, including the vocals.
I listened to "The Way", "Stuck on You", and part of "Attack of the Killer Bees".

"Stuck on You" was the one that stuck (booo) out the most; it was, as previously mentioned, very '80s. I kept thinking I was listening to the second coming of the Thompson Twins or Duran Duran (that's a compliment). I'd say the only thing about the song that sounded off to me was the final note of the melody; you go up a note halfway through the word "you" and it sounds less "stable" than it would if it were a more solid, final note.

That's my only criticism, though - and considering I don't even really like electronica, if that's the worst I can say about it you're golden.
I really liked Stuck On You. It reminds me a little of Cabaret Voltaire and that whole type sound. I'm a big fan of that 80s alt sound and you have seemed to capture it pretty well.
That was pretty cool, It reminded me of DEVO or something like in the mid 80's , and i like 80's style of music and i think you have a great sound. I think the effect you used on the 1:04 "come on down" should be on the part "stuck on you" it sounds to different but i know its the chorus not the main vocal parts, but it sounds better in my opinion like how you have on the track "The Way" keep up the great work
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"Stuck on you" - Sick awesome tone on the bass(es), are they all digital? I liked the underlying tune, but I didn't really dig the style of the vocals, except for the part at 1:05-1:23 (and wherever it reoccurs in the song). Liked the sound effects here and there in the song (machine gun, explosions etc.), a good addition. Cool song overall!

"The way" - Really loving all the sounds and the melodies of the song itself, I think it's awesome that you make music like this. Only thing is yet again I feel the vocals are a bit too weird for my tastes, a bit too much all over the place. So other than that I loved this song.

You can find a freshly made instrumental by me here:
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Thank you for your comments! I appreciate it! Everything instrumentally in "Stuck on You" is digital: from a Roland SC-55 Sound Canvas synth module.
"Stuck on You": you know....up to about the 0:28 mark, for some reason I was thinking of a scene in Miami Vice, don't know why. Then around 1:05, I was thinking Devo or even David Byrne.
Anyway, it reminds me of 1980s era. Production wise, it sounds tight. But it seemed to lose a little bit of momentum at around 02:00, to me anyway.

"The Way":
whoa, when the vocals came in, that really sounded like David Byrne to me. Wow that's a pretty unique melody you got there....
It really does sound like the 80s but I think you did that on purpose, I think.
Production wise, for this genre, it sounds right on!! Nice use of delay on the lead vocals from 0:52 to 1:05 mark, that was cool!!

Could you go to my thread and leave a comment there:
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Stuck on you is really neat. I like everything but the vocals. The bass is awesome in it. The intro is prolly my favorite part.

The way is much better than stuck on you imo. The Way vocal wise sounds kind of punk influenced to me. It fits the vibe of the song really well. I love the synth work on this one. Everything is very well arranged and written. Very original sounding. I really liked this one! Great job man!
Stuck on You does have a very era specific cinematic feel to it. Somebody else mentioned Terminator (the first one, obviously) and that did pop into my head. You've definitely got a great feel for the genre. It's not the kind of song I personally would throw on for casual listening, but it's a nice piece.

The Way, on the other hand, is exactly the kind of thing I like about the 80's. I recently got into Joy Division and She Wants Revenge, and you're very much in the camp as they are with this song musically. The dissonant and dark feel, the synths, and just the vague creepiness factor.... I don't know why I love this kind of music, but I do, and I really like this piece. Well done.

I've got some stuff here if you wanna take a look:
I think I have critiqued your work before... do you compose video game soundtracks? I might be thinking of someone else, but anyways, the instrumentation reminds me of the 80's. The vocals definitely remind me of the 80's as well, overall very retro. From a compositional standpoint, it's good and grooves well. I would like it more of the instrumental traveled a bit further away from where it started, but I like weird prog stuff. The structure of the song matches the vibe and that's what matters. Overall, good.
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Thank you for the comments! I appreciate it! I don't compose video game soundtracks. You may be thinking of UVER, from France.
so everyone was like "stuck on you!" so i was like, i'll listen to that one... i gotta admit its more my mom's cup of tea than mine, but she's from the 80s soo... yay? haha its pretty chill though.. um.. i used to have to clean to music like this... i suck at the art of critique... should i even put a link? yeah, i'm doing it -> http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=118501575000995&l=1841292197553423291
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