Hey guys, i'm getting alot of hiss from my Randall RH150G3 and i want to know how i can get rid of it. It is really annoying to hear that waterfall of amp noise in the background all the time. My signal in order is:

Guitar--> Decimator--> Randall--> 4x12

I get no guitar feedback, only preamp hiss .My amp does have an effects loop, i tried to run the ISP through it but i have never used an effects loop so i dont know what im doing. I did not get any signal coming out of my amp when i tried. Can you guys help?

Here is the effects loop, can you guys tell me how to properly run my pedal through it? i assume this will get rid of the hiss AND the guitar feedback
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thanks, where would i set the knobs on the loop and the threshold on the pedal?

i dont use a noise gate so i wouldnt know just fiddle with it until you get it where you like you cant really put it to a setting where it would break it so go nuts