Price: $500 (with HSC)
Purchased from: GuitarCenter

(I'd rather not give a numerical value for each category, seeing as it's all subjective. A 9 to me could be a 7 to you, etc. etc.)

This is the Dean VMNT, particularly the original Angel of Deth, best known as one of the Dave Mustaine models. Crafted in Indonesia, this thing is solid. Mahogany body, 25 1/2 scale, Mahogany Set-Neck, that is classified as a Mustaine D-Shape. Ebony Fingerboard with, what Dean refers to as "Mustaine Pearl Inlays" which is a combo of
classic pearl dots, and a mini Jacksonish sharktooth. Mini grover tuners, black hardware (cause let's be honest, any color other than black would look awkward), Tune-O-Matic bridge, and a pair of Dave Mustaine Duncan Live Wire Pickups. Two volume, One tone knobs.
Oh yeah, and it came with a Dean hardshell case.

I'm still just a basement guitarist, but hoping to get a band off the ground one day soon. I play through a Marshall AVT50 and a Crate 4x12 with some Boss pedals, and I must say, this thing screams Thrash (my fave!). This is my first guitar with Active
Pickups, and I must say, I don't know how I managed without them before (for my style of music, of course). Anyways; cleans? Sounds pretty good. Neck is quite bluesy. However, Distortion is where this thing lives. Using through a Boss DS-1 (soon to be upgraded), with Tone at Noon and Distortion at Four, the pickups scream bloody murder (specifically the bridge). I can only imagine this guitar with a good tube amp.

Action, Fit & Finish:
For it being made in Indonesia, I must say, it exceeds expectations. The Angel of Deth graphic looks amazing in person. The action was low, but there isn't any buzzing. Only one problem I had was my High E would occasionally get pushed off the fretboard and get stuck on a higher fret.

Reliability & Durability:
So Far, So Good... So What!
Ok, I had been saving up that joke for a couple of paragraphs. I've only had the guitar for just under a week, but this thing can and WILL take punishment and dish it right back! Everything feels solid, nothing seems flimsy. Reliability? It's my main axe. However you should always have a backup. Not saying you'll need it, but should Satan rise up from the depths of Hell and steal this guitar from you mid-show out of a jealous rage, then you'll be happy you have a backup.

I had been GASing for this guitar for a few years now (back when it was just released and was going for about $1250 I believe), and had just managed to find it on GuitarCenter's website for around $550. So I went to the GC I frequent and dealt with my favorite salesman who hooked me up with a good deal (paid around $511 for it. Case, Shipping, and Tax). Like stated before, this thing is a metal head's dream. As a devotee of Thrash, I couldn't ask for anything more; and you might not either.
Dean VMNT Angel of Deth
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