Hi everyone, I've been having a long running problem trying learn how to play. I have trouble moving the ring finger on my left hand independently from the rest of my hand, like if I put all 5 fingers on a table it takes a lot of effort just to raise my ring finger off the table a little bit. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix/help this. Possibly some specific exercises or drills?
The best thing you can do is just be conscious of it and make sure you're relaxed. As long as you're aware of it and don't force your finger in to bad positions it'll get better in time.

And yes, it is normal, especially that table thing.
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I can't raise that finger very much if my hands are on the table, but I've never noticed that causing me any trouble playing guitar. You can always try some strength exercises. Though I'm willing to bet it's lateral stretching that you need to work on.
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