like seven months ago,
i remember actually falling asleep.
was it night or day?
i dont recall,
but astoria had a fever
and you kept telling me to stop kissing your wrists.
i was pregnant with fake pain
while you tested positive for sorrow.
how much kimchi and macaulay culkin does it take to forget?
its 5 A.M. and i'm awake
so where does that put you?
i'm just missing pussy as always
while you're aching for the man
who put you through every day.
seven months ago
i pushed your blood sugar
gluttoned on liquor.
was it night or day?
i don't recall.
but you let me kiss your face.
in a humidity that was suffocating
i tried to trace your lips
so weak, i could have cried
you so concerned with loss
and me so in tune with hips.
now we are back to being so transitional
spread from coast to coast.
seven months ago though
i remember actually falling asleep.
but, now we rarely speak
so i sneak haphazard apologies
in selfish poetic lines
hoping thats enough
for you to let me kiss you in the heat.
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i kinda feel like anything i could possibly say about this would be redundant.

that being said, i loved this.