Ok, as insane as this sounds, My boss has seen a couple of my guitars now and is asking if I'll build one for him.

He's got the cash for whatever he wants, and I think he's looking for a center piece for the bar he runs on the side.

But I guess what I need to know is what I should charge him.

We are talking about a lot of labor here.
Do you not have some kind of labour rate?

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And, unless he's given you raises out of the kindness of his heart, don't give him a break on prices either. That's a two way street. If he complains, remind him of that.
Like anybody constructing anything for anybody, charge him for materials and labor. It's not up to us to decide what your labor rates are, but somewhere from 10-15/h sounds reasonable to me.
In my day to day life I charge between $45 and $125/hr, but that's a whole different game.

So, $10-$15/hr plus parts?
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In my day to day life I charge between $45 and $125/hr, but that's a whole different game.

So, $10-$15/hr plus parts?

Well a luthier just doing repairs can make $17/hr so if you are custom building one I would say charge $20/hr for labour. Additional costs include hardware and finishing materials. Don't tell them but for each part tack on an extra 10% this is to cover your costs of getting said hardware and materials, remember you should never be spending your own money to build someone a guitar!
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I'd say at least $15 an hour plus parts (with a mark up on each one) - ask him about specifics and charge extra per finish/ body shape / anything else proving difficult.
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15 per hour and parts +5%.
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Dont expect your hobby to be profitable before you have a reputation. If you over charge him he will probably not brag about what a wonderful person you are. I would say tell him what the materials cost and how much time you spent and let him pay what he thinks your time is worth. It's risky, but so is setting a price that is too different than what he expects. It wont hurt to be honest with him and say you dont really know what to charge.
You have to know your product better than anyone. and be honest to yourself about how much it is really worth.

and know how much you are really worth.

once you are able to bring yourself to an honest number, thats what you should give to him. accept more, but refuse less.

if everyone thinks you are overpriced, either they don't truly know your product, or you don't. convince them that your worth it.