I've recently bought an Ibanez 7 string, and I started thinking about how I can use this feature when I play with my band (and not just for my personal pleasure ). We play a mix of classic heavy metal, groove metal and a bit of metalcore, and we basically use Standard tuning or 1 step down tuning, because my bass player HATES the un-tense strings while dropped lower. I also don't want to rely only on the "heaviness" which comes from low tunings beacuse is a bit overused today, but sometimes it cound fit nicely.
So i tought that maybe I can mix normal range riffs with a couple of extended one. My questions are two:
1- Is possible to do this with the bass in standard tuning (with a kind of harmonization between instrument)
2- What are some good ways to get started?

Thanks a bunch and sorry for spelling/grammar mistakes