Poll: What type of neck pickup should I use?
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Coil-split humbucker
5 100%
p90 style
0 0%
Voters: 5.
Hey UG,

I really love the clean sound of the neck single coil on a strat, those of you who've had the pleasure to experience it know what I'm talking about. Its really warm, really percussive, really clean and.... we'll I like it a lot.

I realize that that particular sound has as much to do with the wood of the guitar and all of the other parts, as the pickups but I was wondering could I get anything even closely resembling that kind of tone by installing a single coil in the neck position of my SG guitar?

I was think that by getting either a low output humbucker and coil splitting it or a p90 style pickup and playing with the tone controls I could get a really nice, percusive clean sound.

Think it would work?
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There is another option - just put a single coil pickup in there. You can get HB-sized pickup rings that'll take a single coil.

For reference, my second build was LP-style H/H but you can hear the coil-tapped neck pickup (Iron Gear Rolling Mill) in this recording 0:38-0:52.

I have no experience of a P90.